Plenary Program

Plenary Program

Monday, July 6

Chair: W. Buchmueller

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:35 A. Morselli (Rome)
                      Search for dark matter in the PAMELA and Fermi era

09:35-10:10 M. Cirelli (Saclay)
                      Seeing dark matter in cosmic rays

09:35-10:10 E. Roulet (CONICET)
                      UHE cosmic rays - status report

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair: G. Weiglein

11:15-11:50 B. Heinemann (Berkeley)
                       Recent results from the Tevatron and prospects for the LHC

11:50-12:25 D. Zeppenfeld (Karlsruhe)
                       LHC phenomenology

14:00-19:00 Parallel Sessions

19:30 Reception

Tuesday, July 7

Chair: A. Ali

09:00-09:35 M. Giorgi (Pisa)
                       From results of B-factories to SuperB

09:35-10:10 A. Buras (Munich)
                      FCNC processes waiting for the LHC era

10:10-10:45 L. Lellouch (Marseille)
                       Lattice QCD

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair: V. Schomerus

11:15-11:50 J. Stachel (Heidelberg)
                       Heavy ions - from RHIC to ALICE

11:50-12:25 A. Starinets (Oxford)
                       AdS/CFT and the quark-gluon plasma

12:25-13:00 R. Janik (Cracow)
                       AdS/CFT and nonequilibrium QCD

14:00-17:20 Parallel Sessions

Heinrich Hertz Lecture

          17:30 J. Silk (Oxford)
                       Dark matters

Wednesday, July 8

Chair: A. Ringwald

09:00-09:35 B. Moore (Zurich)
                       Dark matter and structure formation

09:35-10:10 H. Verlinde (Princeton)
                       Supersymmetry breaking in string theory

10:10-10:45 M. Zagermann (Munich)
                       Inflation from string theory

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair: L. Covi

11:15-11:50 A. Albrecht (Davis)
                       Dark energy

11:50-12:25 M. Sullivan (Oxford)
                       Type Ia supernovae as probes of dark energy

12:25-13:00 D. Wands (Portsmouth)
                       Inflation and primordial perturbations

13:00-13:35 S. Pokorski (Warsaw)
                       Theories of electroweak symmetry breaking

Free Afternoon

Thursday, July 9

Chair: C. Spiering

09:00-09:35 M. Drees (Bonn)
                       Dark matter - direct searches and LHC

09:35-10:10 M. Pospelov (Victoria)
                       Primordial nucleosynthesis and new physics

10:10-10:45 J. Yokoyama (Tokyo)
                       Gravitational waves and the early universe

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair: P. M. Zerwas

11:15-11:50 A. Sen (Allahabad)
                       AdS/CFT and black holes

11:50-12:25 J. Marsano (Caltech)
                       F-theory and GUTs

12:25-13:00 S. Raby (Ohio)
                       Heterotic orbifolds

14:00-18:30 Parallel Sessions

18:30 Bus to the Museum-ship Rickmer-Rickmers

19:30 Banquet

Friday, July 10

Chair: G. Sigl

09:00-09:35 H. Murayama (Tokyo)
                       Neutrino physics

09:35-10:10 G. Senjanovic (Trieste)
                        Proton decay and grand unification

10:10-10:45 G. Dvali (CERN)
                        Gravity in far infrared

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

Chair: J. Louis

11:15-11:50 H. Tye (Cornell)
                       Inflation in the cosmic landscape
11:50-12:25 D. Lust (Munich)
                       String phenomenology at the LHC

12:25-13:00 T. Yanagida (Tokyo)
                       Dark matter and supersymmetry breaking


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