Plenary Sessions

Monday, July 6
Search for dark matter in the PAMELA and Fermi era
Seeing dark matter in cosmic rays
UHE cosmic rays - status report
Recent results from the Tevatron and prospects for the LHC
LHC phenomenology
Theories of electroweak symmetry breaking
Tuesday, July 7
From results of B-factories to SuperB
Lattice QCD
Heavy ions - from Rhic to ALICE
AdS/CFT and the quark-gluon plasma
AdS/CFT and nonequilibrium QCD
Heinrich Hertz Lecture: Dark Matters
Wednesday, July 8
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Dark matter and structure formation
Supersymmetry breaking in string theory
Inflation from string theory
Dark energy
Type Ia supernovae as probes of dark energy
Inflation and primordial perturbations
Thursday, July 9
Dark matter - direct searches and LHC
Primordial nucleosynthesis and new physics
Gravitational waves and the early universe
AdS/CFT and black holes
F-theory and GUTs
Heterotic orbifolds
Friday, July 10
Neutrino physics
Proton decay and grand unification
Gravity in far infrared
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Inflation in the cosmic landscape
String phenomenology at the LHC
Dark matter and supersymmetry breaking


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