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Particles Parallel

Monday, July 6 Session I
Resolution of the B -> pi pi, pi K puzzles
Theoretical aspects of fermion flavour mixing
Reconstruction of Quark Mass Matrices with Weak Basis Texture Zeroes
Search for New Physics in rare processes in the B meson systems by LHCb
New GUT predictions for quark and lepton mass ratios confronted with phenomenology
Production and properties of top
Flavor Symmetry Breaking and Vacuum Alignment on Orbifolds
Flavour physics at LHC (b, top)
Multijet events at hadron colliders
Monday, July 6 Session II
Double beta decay
Neutrinoless double beta decay in the LHC era
Explaining LSND and MiniBooNE using altered neutrino
Lepton flavour violating slepton decays to test type-I and II seesaw at the LHC
Atomic neutrino mass spectroscopy
Searches for axions and the likes
New Astrophysical tests for Axion-like Particles
The rich phenomenology of light hidden U(1)s
Light hidden U(1)s in string compactifications
Minicharges and Magnetic Monopoles
10^32 Dark Sectors
Neutrinos in Amanda and Ice Cube
Sneutrino Dark Matter and Ice Cube
Tuesday, July 7
Electroweak measurements at Tevatron
Probing the Z-prime sector of the minimal B-L model at future Linear Colliders
Higgs searches at the Tevatron
EW effects in Higgs production and a new prediction for gg --> H in SM
EW symmetry breaking at LHC
Jet angular correlation in vector-boson fusion processes at the LHC
Signatures of Quantum Gravity at the LHC
Weak boson scattering in gauge-Higgs unification
Thursday, July 9
Search on new Physics in kaon decays
New Physics in CP-violation measurements
B physics
Color-octet scalars of N=2 supersymmetry at the LHC
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SUGRA models at the LHC
DM direct detection in MSSM with heavy scalars
Duality cascade of softly broken supersymmetric theories
Precise predictions for the LHC from HERA data


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