Strings Parallel

Monday, July 6
Flat inflationary directions in supergravity and string theory
On Wilson Line (DBI) Inflation
Cosmology of LARGE Volume String Compactifications
Inflation on a torus
Bouncing Universe from a non-BPS D-brane
Tuesday, July 7
Janus solutions in M-theory
Holographic hydrodynamics and causality
Universality of second order transport coefficients from the gauge-gravity duality
Dual conformal symmetry of scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills
Holography of Chern-Simons matter theories with flavour
Kaluza-Klein theory with Torsion
Domain wall flow equations and SU(3)xSU(3) structure compactifications
Thursday, July 9
Gauge Threshold Corrections for Local String Models
GUTs in Type IIB string compactification
Moduli Stabilisation and Orientifold Reductions
U(1) Mediation from Flux Compactification
application/pdf Choi.KS.pdf (400KB)
Magnetized Orbifold Models
Fixing D7 Brane Positions by F-Theory Fluxes
Large hierarchies from approximate R symmetries
Phenomenology in the string mini-landscape
Konishi: from 4 loops to infinity


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