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Cosmology Parallel

Monday, July 6 Session I
Neutralino Dark Matter and Collider Signal in an SO(10) model
Dark Matter in the USSM
(In)visible Z' and dark matter
Decaying Dark Matter and PAMELA/FERMI
Positron Excess from PAMELA/FERMI and Leptophilic GUT
Dark Matter via Many Copies of the Standard Model
Adjoint Dark Matter
Non-minimal universal extra dimensions - new dark matter candidates and bounds
The thermal abundance of semi-relativistic relics
Protohalo constraints to the resonant annihilation of dark matter
Effect of WIMP annihilation on CMB and H 21cm observations
Decaying gravitino dark matter and reheating temperature
The primordial abundance of stau NLSPs
Monday, July 6 Session II
Levitating DM
Multi-Field Inflation on the Landscape
SQCD Inflation & SUSY breaking
Tribrid Inflation in Supergravity
Chaotic Inflation in Supergravity with Heisenberg Symmetry
Precision Simulations of Bubble Collisions in Eternal Inflation
How fast do bubbles move?
Tuesday, July 7
Cascading Gravity and Degravitation
Nonlocal Linear Cosmology
Reconciling Cosmology with Quantum Mechanics through emergent gravity
Filtering gravity semi-classically and the cosmological constant problem
Effective equations of motion on the brane in higher order dilaton gravity
Equilibrium and stability of mass varying particle stellar objects
Effective Field Theories for Gravitational Waves
Thursday, July 9
Cosmological Fluctuations From Infra-Red Cascading during Inflation
Superstring Cosmology: New Physics in the Sky
Cosmological perturbations in SFT inspired non-local scalar field models
Non-Gaussianity beyond slow-roll in multi-field models of inflation
Lepton asymmetries and cosmic trajectories on QCD phase diagrams
application/pdf Luo.Rui.pdf (865KB)
Lepton asymmetries and their evolution in E6SSM
Quantum Mechanics of Leptogenesis
Renormalization techniques for nonequilibrium quantum fields
Unparticle long range forces and BBN


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